With 20+ years of experience in sales, buying and distribution, I'm a proven business professional and entrepreneur who has consulted small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Having the ability to increase sales, good networking skills and an eye for trend forecasting has given me the opportunity to work and advise small and big companies including Diesel, Kappa, Valentino, Designers Guild, Mambo, Swedish Hasbeens, Seattle Coffee Company and Tjäreborg.​ Where others see difficulty I see opportunity. I'm also the CEO and Founder of DRUM networking and get asked frequently to do workshops about sales and networking.


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How to sell more without being pushy

Services & skills

Are you struggling to get more sales in your business?

I'm here to help you get more sales, better leads and to maximize your time and strengths. My coaching method will help you master relationships from a win-win mentality and uncover blind spots, so you can see what's been holding you back.

Actions speak louder than words

For me it's all about adding value to my clients life. Results are my nr.1 priority. Working with me means you get transformation rather than just information and recipes.​​​ I help you find the answers which suit your business. Whatever you have done so far, has brought you were you are now. If you want to go to the next level, it will require a new level of thinking and doing.


“It's my privilege to recommend Katja. She has been my coach for some time now and has helped me so much in growing my business. If you are considering coaching - do it. If you are wondering about Katja, let me list these things about her: She is passionate in her desire to help, energizing, funny and all around marvelous person to anyone she meets, has lots of great ideas and is able to see hidden opportunities, always patient and persistant in her efforts to bring her clients the best she has to offer on every call or meeting. She has the ability to see your strenghts and build upon them. I give her my highest recommendation, without reservation."

Abbie Kalmi

“We have worked with Katja for many years now. She helped us gain foothold as the first and most popular supplier in our field in Finland. Katja is not just good at what she does, but she is also easy to work with. We highly recommend her to any business owner or company who wants to increase their sales and widen their network. "

                  Anna Johanna Blom 

“We wanted to enter the international market, but weren't sure if we were ready. With Katja's support, "you got this attitude", creative problem-solving skills and know-how we were able to enter 6 new markets in a few months. She helped us with our networking skills and we were able to get our products to the most coveted stores in the world. We highly recommend her services. "


“Katja's sales skills have always been on another level. But now that I went through her amazing workshop, I'm even more impressed how she always knows exactly what questions to ask to help you expand your mind to new ideas and move forward. Her insight into creating win-win relationships and how to increase sales has given me new ways to reach my target market. The workshop was of great value. "

                                                                            Tina Namdar


Johanna Luoma